Who is Landream?

Landream is a trusted local property leader of international standing established in 2005 with a current development pipeline of over $3 billion gross retail value.

Responsible for owning, managing and developing a wide range of unique properties across New South Wales and Victoria, Landream’s portfolio includes residential, retail, office and hotel.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Landream is driven by its core values of integrity, respect, design intelligence and enrichment.

What other projects has Landream done?

Landream’s professional team has forged a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding projects within Australia of a global standard, with over 150 years of combined expertise in development, construction and investment.

Ensuring considered and innovative design outcomes that enhance people’s lives, Landream recognises the importance of all collaborators and client relationships, only selecting companies of a high standard to partner with.


Completed in 2017, Beecroft Place is a mixed-use urban renewal development located within a village neighbourhood loved by many. Designed by DKO Architecture, the project is comprised of 130 high quality apartments, which are beautifully landscaped. The residents have direct access to a 30 shop retail precinct anchored by Woolworths and accompanied by speciality stores including homewares, retail, convenience, food, service and dining along with undercover parking. Landream has retained ownership and management of the retail centre.


Currently under construction, Opera Residences are located on the Sydney harbour with views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Architects Tzannes, in collaboration with executive architects Crone Partners and Make interior design created 104 luxury apartments accompanied by world class amenities including a swimming pool, spa, wine store and library. Its architecture is an emotional expression of what it is to live on the world’s most beautiful harbour.

As part of this development Landream will deliver major public art installations and public domain upgrades, a new cafe for dedication to the NSW Government, a through site link connection from Macquarie Street to Bennelong Point and continuation of the final piece of the iconic East Circular Quay Colonnade.


The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Melbourne, located at 600 Collins Street will set a new benchmark for ultra luxury living in Melbourne. Designed by the late award-winning international architect Dame Zaha Hadid, the iconic vase-like tower will be enveloped with a striking white latticework façade.

The “destination tower” will be one of Melbourne’s most significant new landmarks, as it becomes home to global hotel operator Mandarin Oriental’s first Australian hotel. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is renowned for operating some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, located in the world’s most-sought-after destinations.

What is your commitment to this area and community?

We understand the importance of neighbourhoods and are committed to adding to local amenity and character.

Having completed a number of urban rejuvenation developments, Landream identified Fig and Wattle as a unique opportunity to revitalise what is otherwise a locked up and underutilised major precinct in the Pyrmont community. Being a long-term owner of its completed developments, Landream approaches each development with care and respect for the existing and future community.

What is your commitment to good quality design and construction?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our developments and our reputation and integrity is very important to us. Our past and current projects are testament to the design and construction quality we deliver.

Landream has engaged a highly reputable and capable team of experts to assist in delivering the unique opportunity at Fig and Wattle Streets. Internationally renowned, and Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medallist architect Tzannes and his team are leading the preparation of the Stage 1 Development Application, being the overall envelope plan and site master planning layout for the development.

The final design, including the detailed architecture and building materials will be subject to a Design Excellence Competition under the City of Sydney Competitive Design Policy (PDF).

What are the planning controls for this site?

  • The site has an area of 1.2ha.
  • The site is zoned B4 Mixed Use.
  • Permissible building heights are up to 27 metres.
  • FSR of 4:1
  • Permitted with consent are:
    Boarding houses;
    Centre-based child care facilities;
    Commercial premises;
    Community facilities;
    Educational establishments; Entertainment facilities;
    Function centres;
    Hotel or motel accommodation;
    Information and education facilities;
    Medical centres;
    Passenger transport facilities;
    Recreation facilities (indoor);
    Registered clubs;
    Respite day care centres;
    Restricted premises;
    Seniors housing;
    Shop top housing.
  • Permitted without consent are:
    Home occupations.
  • Prohibited:
    Extractive industries; Heavy industrial storage establishments; Heavy industries.


Does your proposal comply with the controls?

The proposal is yet to be firmed up. The Stage 1 DA will propose the most appropriate design response for the site and location while working within the existing suite of planning controls for the site. The intention is to achieve an orderly continuation of planning and consistency with the controls and their objectives.

How many apartments will there be?

The proposed number of apartments is not yet determined. The design completion and Stage 2 Development Application will include firmer details on the number of apartments, and other uses.

What else will be on the site?

All potential uses for the site are being explored but the likely uses are going to be:

  • Commercial – Office, likely Pyrmont start-up and technology focused commercial
  • Educational
  • Student Accommodation
  • Childcare Centre
  • Recreational Centre
  • Serviced Apartment
  • Residential
  • Convenience not shopping centre style
  • Food and Beverage
  • Through site links

The streets and roads here are already at capacity – how can you put more cars in this area?

The development will be designed to include improvements to connectivity to the nearby Light Rail stop, reducing reliance on cars. The development is designed with consideration to the broader network so that the impact of the final use is minimal. We understand there are also a number of traffic and transport initiatives being explored in the area that would improve traffic flow and provide alternative transport options.

What is in this redevelopment for the local community?

  • Recreational Centre – two multipurpose courts
  • Childcare Centre – 91 places
  • Improved access to the light rail and Wentworth Park
    • Public link from Jones Street to Wattle Street, including elevators
    • Public link connecting to the Light Rail
  • Public spaces with complementary local retail offering
  • Remediation of the site to appropriate standards
  • Public access to the site after 100 years


How did you arrive at the need for childcare and recreational facility?

City of Sydney have determined the requirement and contracted Landream Pyrmont Pty Ltd to deliver childcare and recreational facilities.

How can this go ahead when we don’t know exactly what will be happening on the Fish Market site?

Whilst the Fish Market site is within local proximity of the development, the concept is being designed so that it is a success irrespective of the Fish Market redevelopment proceeding.

We are aware of several traffic modifications being proposed by the Fish Market and our proposal will be assessed both against the current conditions, and with the modifications proposed by the Fish Market applied. This will ensure the proposal is not reliant on the Fish Market redevelopment. Similarly, the site master plan is being developed to integrate with either the current Fish Market or future Fish Market.

How will this project integrate with the Light Rail?

The development will be integrated into the Light Rail by connecting the through site link and civic space in with a connection to the Light Rail stop.

Will you be making it easier and safer to get to the Light Rail?

The new through site link will provide additional access to the Light Rail. The pedestrian link will be landscaped and appropriately lit to improve public amenity. Safety will be increased through passive surveillance from occupants of the completed development.

Will there be a new crossing over Wattle Street to Wentworth Park?

There is no crossing proposed over Wattle Street to Wentworth Park. Pedestrian access to Wentworth Park from the site would be via the existing pedestrian crossing across Wattle Street, approx. 200m from the corner of Fig and Wattle Streets which is immediately adjacent to the site.

Wentworth Park is already overused without more people coming into the area?

The development is providing additional facilities with the recreational and childcare centre which will hopefully reduce pressure on Wentworth Park. Generous open spaces are also proposed on the site for use by the new community.

Will there be any open space on your site?

The concept is being developed with generous landscaped open space in conjunction with the through site link from Jones Street to Wattle Street and connections to the Light Rail.

Are you looking at shops in your development?

The current proposal is for some ground level retail or workshop spaces. The extent and likely use are still being explored. The offerings are smaller tenancies to address and support the local convenience and activation of the through site links.

Will your development be publicly accessible?

Yes, the through site links will be publicly accessible.

What will be the impact from Jones Street/Wattle Crescent/ Allen Street? What will we be looking at?

When redeveloping a previously vacant site there will be some local impact. The concept details are being developed and the final design will also be subject to a Design Excellence Competition Process.

Will cars access the development from Jones Street?

The design details are still being developed, however, we are proposing to avoid car access from Jones Street.

Will you be widening the footpath to enable people to get to the light rail?

The land adjacent to the Light Rail is not under our control. The proposed building will be set back from the site boundary improving on the current conditions. The proposed through site links, and direct access to the light rail will offer alternate and more convenient access.

How will you stop overflow parking in surrounding streets?

Parking will be provided to service the development appropriately; and the final allowances are subject to Council approval. We expect that Council will apply its standard conditions on any future consent that prohibits residents of the development from having on street parking permits.

How much resident and visitor parking will you be providing?

This is yet to be determined. Parking allocations will be in accordance with the City of Sydney Planning Controls and will be developed with consideration of the Light Rail stop adjacent to the site.

Will you be landscaping Jones Street?

Yes, some landscaping, within Council standards, will be part of local improvements. It is proposed to introduce a footpath on the western side of Jones Street to accommodate large trees and provide safe access for the community.

How many apartments will be facing Jones Street?

The design has not been developed to determine this.

How will you be dealing with the cats on site?

We have started discussions with the current carers of the cats on site to make sure the cats are humanely removed from the site by the time construction starts.

How will flooding and drainage within the site be managed?

All site constraints are being considered and addressed in developing the proposed master planning layout and development envelope.

What protections will be in place so we are safe during remediation?

Depending upon the development strategy the appropriate contractors, environmental consultants and auditors will be engaged to ensure works are carried out in compliance with EPA and Council guidelines.

How long will construction take?

Depending upon the staging of the development the works could take 2.5 to 3 years.

What will you be doing to minimise the disruption caused by construction?

The existing site already has significant hoarding and gantries around the boundary and Council vehicles regularly access the site.

The design details are still being developed, however as part of the Contractor selection process Construction Management Plans will be developed to minimise dust and noise.

Will existing trees on site be retained?

Based on the known ground conditions and occasional site flooding, a holistic assessment of the existing trees and their condition is underway with our expert arborists. At this stage, we are proposing to retain the row of trees along the northern boundary adjacent to the light rail, including an appropriate building line setback. A significant tree replacement and canopy improvement strategy will be developed for new trees and along the proposed public domain through site links and open space within the site, as well as on Jones Street.

Will the existing buildings on site be retained?

Based on the known ground conditions, occasional site flooding, and structural assessment of the existing buildings it is likely that they will require demolition. Heritage advice indicates the existing buildings are not heritage listed items and are not of significant heritage value. However, we recognise and appreciate the significant history of the site and have started engagement with researchers of the site and local area to better understand and celebrate its history.

Will the public be able to see the rockface?

We believe there can be integration and reinterpretation strategies that include increasing the public interface and showcasing features of the existing sandstone rockface on Jones Street, Concept strategies are being developed and the final design will be subject to a Design Excellence Competition process.

Have Your Say

Planning has progressed and the Stage 1 Development Application has been lodged with City of Sydney Council and is on public exhibition for comment until Tuesday 22 October. The Stage 1 Development Application proposes the master planning layout and development envelope for the site.

Part of the planning process was understanding the site opportunities and its constraints to inform the possible location of building uses, public links, open space and relationship to existing neighbours. 

We thank the community and key stakeholders for sharing local knowledge and thoughts about the initial concepts to inform the planning for the site. Changes have been made to the early concepts with consideration to community and Council feedback. To understand the changes and what is proposed you can view information and contact us to ask questions.

You can view the development application including detailed plans and assessments, and make formal submissions, online at City of Sydney development applications on exhibition.

We also encourage you to register for updates and we will keep you informed as planning progresses.